my intention is to share the deep transformation that yoga—as a complete system—offers; inspired by movement, music, and healing arts.

because of its potential to catalyze global, positive change, i share practices like acroyoga in an effort to help people increase their connection to themselves, to others, and to this intensely beautiful planet we are fortunate to call home.

...some of my story

growing up in the Colorado Rockies, i spent most of my formative years hiking, cycling, camping and exploring nature. my love for the outdoors has only increased since moving to California. i spend my free time trail running, surfing, camping, practicing yoga, playing music and hanging out with my amazing husband and our dog, Raja.

after losing my mom to cancer in 2006, i took ownership of my own health and wellness, making conscious shifts in the way i eat, move, and live. i’ve always been fascinated by the human body—its complexity and power coupled with its grace and intricacy. my curiosity to learn and discover what my body is capable of drives me to share my experiences with others.

i have studied Hatha yoga, kriya yoga, sports medicine, outdoor mountaineering, partner acrobatics, slackline yoga, ocean swimming, thai massage and functional fitness modalities for the last 10 years. in the last seven years, i’ve been fortunate to study with globally renowned teachers— i consider the teachings of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and his work through the Isha Foundation the most influential in my spiritual practices. Jason Nemer, Mara Harris, Kadri KurgunBonnie Argo, Sean Johnson, Saul David Raye, and Laura Plumb all have illuminated my path and inspired me in to live my life from a place of integrity, helping me to craft my voice and skill as a teacher.

i am committed to living mindfully to decrease my impact on the earth, and supporting practices that improve the environment and our connection to it.

i am committed to intentionally using and loving my body in order to explore my highest potential, and to educate and inspire those around me to do the same. 

be well. be real.