i have invested much energy into training, observing and experiencing the gift of Thai massage and therapeutic flying.

there are many pathways in the body—some store memories and information, other store trauma and joy, others still that store energy and nutrients. Thai massage is about opening these pathways to increase freedom of movement and to live life more from the heart.

Photography by  Wari Om

Photography by Wari Om

i believe that healing is something we do ourselves. others simply hold space and co-create the right conditions for healing to flow. this requires being open and patient, listening and daily practice. 

AcroYoga Massage

in addition to studying the healing arts through the lens of AcroYoga, i have been a student of Sadghuru Jaggi Vasudev at the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences, practicing Kriya Yoga and meditation for the last eight years. 

 i draws on the tools of Ayurveda, breath work,  and Thai yoga massage in my workshops, retreats and private settings. whether you have chronic pain, acute injury or are looking for relaxation, this practice offers powerful potential along your healing journey. i would be honored to serve you.