"acroyoga is an opportunity to explore your relationship to life" —me

AcroYoga blends the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage, and the dynamic power of Acrobatics.     

for me, this practice offers me determination where there is doubt, patience in times of confusion, and a lot of laughter, which is keeping me young at heart.

when we extend our practices into partnership, we open up the potential to cultivate and strengthen our trust muscles and to develop our communication skills and sensitivity to others' perspectives. 

partner flying is at the root of the AcroYoga practice and can be both therapeutic and dynamic.  

since 2010, i have been teaching yoga, acrobatics, and healing arts at retreats, festivals and conferences internationally. i've spent over 1,000 hours educating myself in these modalities and take great joy in curating engaging opportunities for people to experience greater interpersonal connection, self-empowerment, and transformation through play, movement, and mindfulness.