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Movement Teacher Mentorship Program

This unique 1-on-1 format gives you the personal development, business prowess and structure to support teachers who may just be starting out or teaching full-time but struggling, to enjoying a thriving, professional career.

My mentorship program will support you through crucial shifts for your personal growth and provide practical strategies that, when implemented, will lead to tangible results — for you and for the communities you serve.

I’ve designed this program for teachers who:

  • Believe in what you’re offering, yet lack the confidence or the discipline to “put yourself out there.”

  • Feel financially limited or are struggling to make an income teaching full time.

  • Feel exhausted and stressed out from overworking.

  • Desire to create a lasting impact in the lives of your students.

  • Want to experience greater connection, self-Appreciation and personal development.


Become a remarkable teacher. Generate more income. Build a thriving business that supports your lifestyle.